How To Talk To Anyone PDF Download by Leil Lowndes

Hello Friends, If you are looking for How To Talk To Anyone PDF Download then you have come to the right place. How To Talk To Anyone PDF is available in this post. The book is written by Leil Lowndes in the year 1999. It is a bestseller book and selling over millions of copies since the book is released. If you want to improve your communication skill then you need to read this book.

How To Talk To Anyone PDF Download
How to talk to anyone PDF

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Leil Lowndes is an very popular communications expert. How to talk to anyone is one of the best selling book of Leil Lowndes. Leil Lowndes works has been recognized by some famous publication like Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, New York Times and others.

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NameHow To Talk To Anyone
Release date1999
AuthorLeil Lowndes
Size12 MB
GenreSelf help

How To Talk To Anyone PDF Summary

I have an old college friend named Missy who, just last year, took over her family business, a company supplying corrugated boxes to manufacturers. One day she called saying she was coming to New York to court new clients and she invited me to dinner with several of her prospects. I was looking forward to once again seeing my friend’s quicksilver smile and hearing her contagious laugh. Missy was an incurable giggler, and that was part of her charm. When her Dad passed away last year, she told me she was taking over the business.

I thought Missy’s personality was a little bubbly to be a CEO in a tough business. But, hey, what do I know about the corrugated box biz? She, I, and three of her potential clients met in the cocktail lounge of a midtown restaurant and, as we led them into the dining room, Missy whispered in my ear, ‘Please call me Melissa tonight.’ ‘Of course,’ I winked back, ‘not many company presidents are called Missy!’ Soon after the maitre d’ seated us, I began noticing Melissa was a very different woman from the giggling girl I’d known in college. She was just as charming. She smiled as much as ever. Yet something was different. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Although she was still effervescent, I had the distinct impression everything Melissa said was more insightful and sincere. She was responding with genuine warmth to her prospective clients, and I could tell they liked her, too.

I was thrilled because my friend was scoring a knockout that night. By the end of the evening, Melissa had three big new clients. Afterward, alone with her in the cab, I said, ‘Missy, you’ve really come a long way since you took over the company. Your whole personality has developed, well, a really cool, sharp corporate edge.’ ‘Uh uh, only one thing has changed,’she said. ‘What’s that?’ ‘My smile,’she said.
‘Your what?’ I asked incredulously.
‘My smile,’she repeated as though I hadn’t heard her. ‘You see,’she said, with
a distant look coming into her eyes, ‘when Dad got sick and knew in a few years
I’d have to take over the business, he sat me down and had a life-changing
conversation with me. I’ll never forget his words. Dad said, “Missy, Honey,
remember that old song, ‘I Loves Ya, Honey, But Yer Feet’s Too Big?’” Well, if
you’re going to make it big in the box business, let me say, “I loves ya, Honey,
but your smile’s too quick.”
‘He then brought out a yellowed newspaper article quoting a study he’d been
saving to show me when the time was right. It concerned women in business.

How To Talk To Anyone PDF Download

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